A modern feature wall with bright dots of colour in the Grainstore building at The Digital Hub.

The Digital Hub lead a range of initiatives and projects that use digital innovation to help improve the lives of people of all ages in the local community.

We bring together organisations and individuals with the skills and expertise needed to deliver impactful programmes. We encourage ongoing collaboration between local partners in the fields of digital learning, digital arts, healthcare innovation, and community development.

Programme Types

The Digital Hub delivers imaginative programmes that span a variety of areas, from developing 21st century skills in young people and empowering females to develop their own businesses, to demonstrating the potential of digital innovations to transform the health and wellbeing of citizens. Our programmes engage a variety of people of different ages, abilities and interests in our local community.

Featured Programmes

If you would like to know more about any of our programmes and partnerships, please contact us.

Recent Programme News