Update from #D8 Together Video Challenge

The #D8 Together Video Challenge a programme for local secondary school students from CB Media and The Digital Hub kicked off with the first cohort of 13 students on Wednesday, 1st December and a second cohort of 13 students on Monday, 6th December.

The programme is designed to foster positive youth development and encourage resilience; a trait which is needed now more than ever to help students recognise their strengths and explore mental health in ways that are meaningful and productive to them.

During the programme students will learn how to produce their own professional videos, enhance connectedness, and support each other through sharing stories of strength. They’ll learn the skills of video production, filming, and editing, ensuring they’ll gain skills they can use both now and in their future careers.

Day one of the challenge was all about mindset: how to overcome the fear of being on camera and why their story is important. Video Producer and Facilitator, Cynthia Baloula started the session by getting the participants into ‘the Vortex’; a space all about self-confidence and awareness of individual strengths.

The session served as a reminder that most of us focus our energy on the 2% of things that is not going well and ignore the 98% that is going well. Participants spent some time pondering the past three months, listing their achievements, and then choosing one that they were willing to share with the group. Everybody found reasons to be proud of themselves and celebrated each other’s wins.

The challenge participants then watched an inspiring CB Media video on how to overcome the fear of being on camera, the fear of judgment and imposter syndrome and had an open discussion about it. The entire session was very interactive: each student got the opportunity to speak several times and share their views and opinions.

Cynthia, the challenge facilitator ended the training by asking each participant to share one word, to define how they were feeling at the end of the first sessions. Some of the words shared were: motivated, inspired, curious, excited, intrigued, eager to learn and ready to start.

Overall participants reported that they really enjoyed the first session and were intrigued to see what’s coming next. The remaining 10 classes will focus on the art of storytelling; students will pick a subject for their video and write a script. They will also learn insider industry secrets to film their videos like pros just using their phone or computer. They will film their videos and learn editing techniques to make their videos look professional, engaging, and slick.

And finally, the Challenge will end with a closing party celebration. The challenge participants will receive a certificate of completion for the many skills learned throughout the course. Challenge participants will also watch a montage of the videos they’ve made. The celebration party will recognise every participant’s achievement during the challenge, of which we know there will be many, and we’re super excited to see what they are.

Read more about CB Media at: www.cbmedia.ie

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