The Role of the Box Office is Changing

On Tuesday, 14th July at 2pm join our team at Ticketsolve as we challenge the mindset towards the box office in the Arts & Cultural sector.

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With plenty of talk about the ‘new normal’, it’s time to talk about an evolution as we prepare for reopening. At Ticketsolve, we’re all about evolving – and evolving fast if we have to.

The Evolution of the Box Office for the Arts

The box office is about to take on a new role for your organisation and we’re ready to discover just what ‘ticketing’ should look like operationally for your teams. Whether your main focus is new access control policies, digital fundraising opportunities, rewarding and building loyalty, or controlling mass rescheduling of events, the box office is the one source of truth for your team. On Tuesday, 14th July we’ll show you how you can push and manipulate all aspects of your box office to do the most for your team.

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