THE RADHARC AWARDS 2024 – Call for Entries

The Radharc Trust is delighted to announce the Call for Entries of documentary films of outstanding quality in the spirit of Radharc, to be honoured at the 2024 Awards Event.

The Radharc Awards recognise exceptional Irish works that examine national or global issues of Social Justice, Human Rights, Spirituality, Religious Faith or Heritage. Submissions are invited in two categories:

Category One:
An award for Irish-produced television documentaries broadcast for the first time on any free to air channel on the island of Ireland between 2 September 2021 and 2 September 2024.

Category Two:
An award for documentaries produced in Ireland for first time digital distribution on a publicly accessible platform between 2 September 2021 and 2 September 2024.

The closing date for the receipt of all entries is Monday 2 September 2024.

Winners of The Radharc Awards will be announced in October 2024.

Established in 2002, the Radharc Awards pay tribute to the legacy of the Radharc Films production unit, renowned for its pioneering work in religious affairs programming for RTÉ.  From 1962 to 1997, the Radharc series earned national and international acclaim for its thoughtful and sometimes provocative religious documentaries.  Radharc production teams aimed to engage a sometimes conservative Irish audience with challenging subject matter through well-researched and technically proficient productions, characterized by their compassion, global solidarity, down-to-earth lyricism and occasional humour. The Radharc Awards seek to foster and champion the same high standards of craft, content and commitment in documentary filmmaking, and will recognize outstanding Irish documentaries that explore national or global issues pertaining to social justice, human rights, spirituality, religious faith, and heritage.

Conditions of Entry and Entry Forms:


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