The Digital Hub Coffee Catch-up – 23/5

We are holding the next of our coffee catchups on Tuesday, May 23rd from 10am to 11am at Depot Lounge in the Digital Depot building.

This coffee morning is a great opportunity to meet other people working at The Digital Hub. As always, complimentary coffee, tea and pasties are provided. We have a couple of speakers lined-up for The Digital Hub Soapbox, but if anyone else has anything to share do let us know.

The Digital Hub Soapbox

In years past we invited our members to talk at the coffee morning for ~3 minutes to simply introduce themselves and what they do, ask for help with a business or project challenge, or share news and events. Now that The Digital Hub is growing, we thought it might be useful to reintroduce this.

What could I say?

  • Ask for help or offer to “Help a Hubber”
  • Tell us your good news
  • Tell us you are recruiting
  • Simply introduce yourself, say what you are an expert on, and what you love to do

These are just examples. We don’t want to be prescriptive, so feel free to say what you want, but we will place a time limit of ~3 minutes per person, and a total limit of 15 minutes.

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