Robert Emmet Community Development Project’s Inner City Beekeeping initiative expands

Twenty new hives across Dublin 8 for the Inner City Beekeeping Project, aided by The Digital Hub and Smart D8. The Robert Emmet Community Development Project (CDP) have run their Inner City Beekeeping Project for some years and The Digital Hub campus provided a location for one of their hives since 2013.

Now the community organisation is set to install 20 additional hives across a variety of locations in Dublin 8 over the coming weeks to support native Irish bee populations and enhance the local environment. Four of the hives are sponsored by The Digital Hub and two will be housed on campus as part of The Digital Hub’s campus greening initiatives that include the already installed Pocket Forest at Digital Depot and solar panels on the roof of the same building. There are also plans for a native Irish tree nursery and outdoor maker space as part of the Pocket Forest initiative.

Robert Emmet CDP’s annual ten-week ‘Beekeeping for Beginners’ course for community members and hive hosts will run again and will be free from this year.

They will expand the scope of their beekeeping initiative by utilising technology. Working with The Digital Hub, Smart D8 and Tyndall National Institute, who have an office at The Digital Hub campus, tiny innovative sensors will be installed to monitor air quality, pollination pathways, pathogens and other important environmental metrics across Dublin 8.

A website for the project will be launched soon.

About Robert Emmet Community Development Project

The Robert Emmet CDP is a community development organisation working to build a sustainable thriving inclusive community in the Southwest Inner city. Robert Emmet CPD supports and is working to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

About Smart D8

Smart D8 is an initiative to improve the health and wellbeing of citizens in Dublin 8 through collaboration and innovation.

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