launched to help Irish business community welcome Ukrainian refugees.

Tech For Good Dublin has launched a new website to help Irish businesses welcome Ukrainian refugees., allows companies across Ireland to make welcome offers to people who have fled Ukraine, who in turn can browse a list of discounted goods and services and contact the company directly to access.

Pryvit, which means ‘hello’ in Ukrainian, is a not-for-profit initiative from the Tech for Good community in Dublin, created in response to the challenge that displaced Ukrainians arriving in Ireland don’t know where to find the many offers made by Irish companies. It is hoped the website will become the largest database in Ireland for non-financial corporate supports to people displaced by the war in Ukraine.

As part of the Irish tech ecosystem The Digital Hub is aware of the positive work of Tech For Good Dublin. Through The Digital Hub will offer those fleeing Ukraine in a tech or digital media-focused business free co-working office space and internet for three months.

The Digital Hub has a longstanding commitment in supporting marginalised and disadvantaged communities in Dublin 8, and we are investigating how our support for Ukrainians in need of office space could also apply to refugees from other nations or those in direct provision.

It is clear how important entrepreneurship and steady employment can be for those adjusting to new societies, and we feel it is important that if we can facilitate and support those in need that we should do so.

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