Live Webinar – How Waitemata DHB Revolutionised their IV Audit Process

Understand how IPC teams can quickly and effectively identify compliance issues and provide real-time feedback, enable high staff engagement and rapidly develop effective quality improvement strategies at the ward level. The event takes place on June 26th 2021.

During this live webinar, we’ll hear from Sandi Gamon, the Quality Lead & IPC CNS at Waitemata DHB. By proactively managing their IV compliance audits using a digital audit management system, the Waitemata team were able to reduce data collection times and reporting times. Real-time reporting enabled significant issues to be addressed immediately and common issues identified for further project work.

Sandi will outline the challenges she initially faced getting ‘buy-in’ for the digital system, how she overcame those, the results she and her team achieved and how she plans to build on those successes.

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