Future Creator Cadets workshops with local schools

The Digital Hub’s Future Creators Cadets programme has recently run 5 online coding workshops with local primary schools; St Catherine’s National School, Synge Street Primary School, Canal Way Educate Together and the Presentation Primary School Warrenmount.

The workshops help primary school children develop an understanding of code and algorithms required to build their own Retro Games. They start by talking about the games they are familiar with and how code plays a major role in these games. They then create games using the Makecode Arcade Platform. Next the students add sounds, characters, and instructions to their games to develop authentic and interesting chase games. They discuss how to introduce challenges such as timers and countdowns as well as rewards such as scoreboards.

The response to these classes has been excellent. The teachers and students have found the sessions to be very beneficial and many teachers have said they intend on using this platform with classes in the future.

About Future Creator Cadets

Future Creators Cadets is an after-school digital learning programme for young people aged 10-to-12 years old from Dublin 8. It was established by The Digital Hub in 2015 and is delivered by H2 Learning and supported by National College of Art and Design (NCAD).

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