Do algorithms dream of electronic shapes? — a panel discussion on 26/03/22. Register now.

On Saturday, 26th March from 12pm to 1pm, The Digital Hub will host a panel discussion on how digital technology has already shifted society and what may yet come.

If social media is a collective consciousness are algorithms and the artificial intelligences they power representative of our collective unconscious?

What are often presented as objective data-driven decisions are subject to the implicit biases of the datasets used in their formulation. Have we sleepwalked into a world where algorithms designed to keep us engaged with platforms and technologies manipulate us, or are we willingly entering a new social mode of prolificity with our eyes wide open?

How has the ability to share and perform our lives through curated displays of imagery changed us? Who owns our digital data and who should be allowed to use it? Do we project fantasies of intelligence and agency onto machines, or can real intelligence lie outside of human bounds?

This panel discussion is held as part of The Digital Hub’s and Robin Price’s collaboration on the public artwork called ‘Do Algorithms Dream of Electronic Shapes?’. The artwork sees a nightly laser projection on St. Patrick’s Tower in the Liberties and explores Dublin 8’s relationship with social media and data. Read more:

You can attend this panel discussion in-person at the venue or online. Please select your preference on registration.

Venue: Learning Studio, Digital Depot, Roe Lane (off Thomas Street), The Digital Hub, Dublin 8, D08 TCV4 (Map)

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Line-up of Speakers

Abeba Birhane, Senior Fellow at Mozilla
Abeba Birhane, Senior Fellow at Mozilla, @Abebab
Hans-Georg Moeller
Prof. Hans-Georg Moeller, Professor of Philosophy,
Aisling Murray, Freelance Curator
Aisling Murray, Freelance Curator, @murray_aisling
Dr. Robin Price, artist-inventor
Dr. Robin Price is an artist-inventor, trans-disciplinary physicist, musician and cat enthusiast.
Fiach Mac Conghail, CEO of The Digital Hub
Fiach Mac Conghail, CEO of The Digital Hub, (Panel Moderator)

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