The ‘Entrepreneurship for Women in Technology’ project (WITECH) brings together academic institutions and business start-up hubs from across Europe to create a new training course aimed specifically at women.

— an EU Erasmus+ initiative

The Digital Hub, along with TU Dublin, are the Irish partners in WITECH — an EU Erasmus+ initiative that seeks to encourage female scientists, engineers and technologists across Europe to develop businesses based on their expertise.

The project began in September 2019 and is being developed by Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy, Digital Hub Development Agency, Dublin, Technological University, Dublin, The Start-up Shortcut, Helsinki, Finland, Lappeeranta University of Technology, Lappeeranta, Finland, Polihub, Milan, Italy & IPAG, Institut de preparation a l’administration et a la gestion, Paris, France.

A MOOC, or Massive Open Online Course, will be at the heart of WITECH, which following development and testing of its modules during 2022 will be made available online. This blended learning course will build skills and confidence in woman with STEM qualifications and lead them to create their own innovative businesses.

The Digital Hub took the lead on the creation of a website to promote WITECH and this can be viewed at: www.witech.training

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