Technologist-in-Residence Programme

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First piloted in 2019, the Technologist-in-Residence programme, was re-established in 2022, with a focus on leveraging Internet of Things technology, such as sensors, to collect and analyse data on community health, wellbeing and environmental sustainability.

— Collaborative, community-centred approach.
— Link up with Artist-in-Residence programme.
At the Digital Hub we strive to create ways of interconnecting creativity and technology with our enterprise and research ecosystem and the local community to innovate and address key economic and societal challenges.”
— Stephen Brennan, Head of Strategy and Partnerships.

The 2019 residency was designed to foster collaboration amongst the client companies at The Digital Hub, hold themed technology showcases to demo new and emerging technologies, such as augmented reality and 3D printing, for both the companies and the local residents of Dublin 8.

In 2022 the residency was reinvented with an open call for a professional innovative technologist, to work with The Digital Hub and its existing partners to use sensor technologies, that collect and analyse data relating to the health and wellbeing of the local community and to the environmental sustainability of some of The Digital Hub’s existing activities and collaborations. The aim is to gather, analyse and publish data that will stimulate an informed discussion around health wellbeing and sustainability of the city environment, and provide inspiration for The Digital Hub’s artist-in-residence.


Robotics and Sensor Engineer, Patrick Lynch, took up role of Technologist-in-Residence at The Digital Hub in May 2022. Patrick has deployed sensors to collect a range of data relating to the urban environment of Dublin 8 and its impact on people who live, work and visit the area.

  • Traffic analysis on Thomas Street looking at automotive and pedestrian movements.
  • Air quality looking at a range of sources of pollution which could impact people living and working in urban environments.
  • Urban habitat, looking to optimise the opportunity to green Dublin 8 and improve the environment for inhabitants.

The data will be made available to participants in The Digital Hub learning programmes and to the enterprise, research and artistic communities. The data will also contribute to wider activities, for example, to monitor air quality and traffic across Dublin.


Experienced technologist Rodhán Hickey took up residency at The Digital Hub campus for a nine-month period as part of a pilot initiative.

A key part of Rodhán’s remit was to inspire greater connectivity and collaboration amongst the enterprise companies and to share his passion for the introduction of new and emerging technologies, with both companies and the local residents of Dublin 8 through The Digital Hub’s community learning programmes.

A highlight of the residency was the hosting of hosting an Immersive Technology Week — a programme of events focused on learning and gaining hands-on experience with the latest in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technology and how it can be applied to everyday experiences.

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