Demand for UX Skills is expected to increase in the next year

  • 68% of UX hiring managers expect demand for UX skills to increase in next 12-24 months
  • 70% of UX professionals received a salary increase within the past year
  • Almost 9 in 10 (88%) UX professionals surveyed said they feel positive about the outlook of their career
  • 76% of UX professionals had a previous non-UX career before moving into UX.
  • Industry survey on trends and outlook for UX jobs was carried out by UX Design Institute, a leading global provider of online education and certification, based in The Digital Hub technology campus in Dublin 8.

The demand for skilled professionals in User Experience (UX) is expected to grow over the next 12-24 months, according to a recent industry survey conducted by UX Design Institute, a leading global provider of online education and certification in UX, based in The Digital Hub technology campus in Dublin 8.

The survey revealed an optimistic outlook among industry professionals, with 68% of UX hiring managers anticipating an increase in demand for UX skills in the coming 12-24 months. This positive sentiment reflects a strong belief in the value and importance of UX expertise in today’s digital landscape.

The survey, conducted by UX Design Institute based in Dublin, polled 537 UX professionals in Ireland, the United Kingdom, the US and other major markets. Contributors to the State of UX Hiring Report 2024 include experts from Meta, Etihad Airlines, Google, and Analog Devices among others.

Employment opportunities positive for the UX sector

In terms of career advancement, the survey highlighted encouraging trends in both salary growth and career satisfaction among UX professionals. A significant 70% of UX professionals reported receiving a salary increase within the past year, while 76% expressed satisfaction with their current salary.

One of the most pressing topics for aspiring UX designers is industry demand so it is a positive sign that among hiring managers surveyed, 66% plan to hire UX professionals in 2024. Specifically, 51% are targeting UX Designers, 50% are focusing on UX or user researchers, and 47% are seeking product designers.

The survey also highlighted the promising employment opportunities for UX graduates, with 79% securing their first job in UX within six months of beginning their job search. This data indicates a robust demand for UX skills in the job market and validates the industry’s growth trajectory.

Diverse career paths: a rewarding field for career switchers

For those looking to break into the UX industry, there are ample opportunities and routes into the industry as the survey revealed the diverse career paths of UX professionals, with 76% transitioning from non-UX careers.

And this is attractive for employers too, 55% of hiring managers would consider an entry-level candidate without prior experience compared with only a very small proportion (2%) of hiring who said they wouldn’t consider employees without experience.

UX professionals are optimistic about their future career

Despite recent challenges in the tech sector, including mass layoffs in the top tech companies, almost 9 in 10 (88%) of the UX professionals surveyed remain optimistic about their career prospects. Of these, 1 in 4 (25%) feel very positive and only 6% say they feel negative.

Commenting on the findings, Colman Walsh, Founder and CEO of UX Design Institute said:

“The findings from our State of UX Hiring Report 2024 highlight a promising future for the UX industry. Despite challenges, the demand for UX skills is growing, offering exciting opportunities for professionals and newcomers alike. The upward trajectory in salaries and career satisfaction underscores the growing recognition of UX professionals’ contributions to business success. It is encouraging to see that employers and hiring managers plan to maintain recruitment and are open to hiring graduates and individuals transitioning into UX careers, further highlighting the increasing value placed on these skills.”

The UX Design Institute is hosting a global webinar on 23rd of May to discuss industry trends and insights from the State of UX Hiring Report 2024. The hour-long interactive session will feature a panel of UX career experts, leaders, and hiring managers offering guidance for aspiring professionals looking to enter the field. The online event is free and accessible to all interested in breaking into the UX industry. More details can be found on the UX Design Institute’s LinkedIn page and website.

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The data for this report was collected via a survey distributed to UX professionals and the survey fieldwork took place over six weeks between January and February 2024. A total of 537 UX professionals took part in the survey. Participants surveyed were based globally, with 27% of those surveyed based in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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