AI Discovery Days

Discover new technologies, applications and solutions for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in one single day.

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  • 09 June 2020
  • 23 June 2020

The Discovery Day highlights future trends for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML), clarifies different AI/ML technologies, applications and use cases, and demonstrate solutions.

Over the next few years, AI/ML will evolve into new applications never seen before in almost every market segment including smart industry, smart city, smart home, automotive, healthcare, agriculture, and aerospace and defense. Challenges must be overcome to create unique AI/ML applications.

Experts with deep insight into AI/ML will discuss applications, technologies and solutions and will be eager to answer your questions and projects.

The AI Discovery day covers 3 main topics:

  • AI/ML future trends, impact and needs for the top 5 market segments
  • AI/ML Key technologies with solutions related to image and video processing, predictive analytics, sound analysis and speech processing, and activity analytics
  • AI/ML applications and use cases, supported by 20 state-of-the-art solution demos

The AI Discovery Day is set up for AI experts, engineers and decision makers who need to understand the future trends for AI/ML in the different market segments, and also want to develop new ideas to aid in their decision making regarding the creation of their own unique AI/ML products. All levels of experience are welcome from people exploring AI/ML possibilities, up to highly-qualified machine learning experts.

Join one of the AI Discovery Days now in order to generate ideas for your own unique AI/ML applications.

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